Episode #62: The Attack on Utah Solar with Michael Shea

Matt chats with HEAL’s Policy Associate, Michael Shea, about a hugely critical campaign: Our efforts to defend the affordability of Rooftop Solar in Utah. They talk about the history of the issue, going back two years to when Rocky Mountain Power tried— and failed— to charge rooftop solar customers a $5 fee. Michael then describes the three separate, and much larger, fees which the utility is now seeking. (See an op-ed Michael wrote about how Rocky Mountain Power fails to properly account for the benefits of solar.) They chat about the relative merits of big solar farms vs. rooftop solar and the devastating effects the fees would have on Utah’s fast growing solar industry. Lastly, they talk about the process that the Public Service Commission will go through to decide what to do about the utility’s application.  For more information, check out the PSC’s docket on this issue, sign up for HEAL emails, and if you own your rooftop solar system, please let us know! We’d love to help rooftop solar owners have a particularly strong voice in this process.