Episode #67: Brody Leven, Adventure Skier & Storyteller

Matt sits down with Brody, a professional skier, storyteller and activist, to discuss his career traveling across the globe skiing and embarking upon outdoor adventures, while also advocating for environmental issues. A graduate of Westminster College, Brody has built a career chronicling far-flung trips on his website and on Instagram, from riding the slopes of Norway to biking through Southern Utah in jeans. Brody also talked about his engagement with activism, from attending the Paris Climate Conferencein 2015 to writing op-eds on issues like the need to clean up pollution from Utah’s power plants, to his role with the Riders Alliance with Protect Our Winters (POW), an organization that gives a platform to athletes in the outdoor sports community. Check out Brady’s latest adventure “Pedal to Peaks Norway” where he and a group biked and skied the 350-mile Lofoten archipelago in Arctic Norway.