Episode #93: Author Geoff Dembicki, Asks “Are We Screwed?”

Vancouver-based journalist, Geoff Dembicki, joins Matt in the studio to chat about his new book, Are We Screwed? How a New Generation is Fighting to Survive Climate Change. Geoff explains he remains hopeful despite the current political moment, hostile to positive policy developments on climate change. His optimism is based, the author explains, on recent election results in Canada and the UK, in addition to the young activists he profiles in his new book. Matt asks the writer about whether he thinks climate activism must be driven by leftist economic imperatives and how he perceives the left’s tendency towards factionalism. Lastly, they discuss the climate divestment movement, a focus of the second part of Geoff’s book. For more information, check out a review of  “Are We Screwed,” visit Bloomsbury’s website and follow Geoff on Twitter