Episode #75: Natalie Blanton, Sage Mountain

Natalie joins Matt to chat about Sage Mountain Farm Animal Sanctuary. As the Director of Communications (and a doctoral student within Environmental Sociology and Gender at the University of Utah), Natalie works to challenge the current food system through educational programs and creating a physical space for rescued farm animals. This organization hosts pot lucks and Thirsty Thursdays throughout Utah as a way to create community and have conversations about environmental degradation, water consumption, and animal cruelty associated with the current US food system. Natalie acknowledges the personal resistance to changing our diet stems from a fear of discomfort and an adherence to family traditions. However, each of us can make small shifts in what we consume – THREE times a day. Changes can be incremental: swap nut milk for diary or abstain from meat one or two days a week. We each have the power to make conscious choices about the food we eat.