Episode #76: Ken Sanders, Environmental Activism Historian & Rare Bookshop Owner

Matt chats with the founder and namesake of Ken Sanders Rare Books. They discuss how the history of environmentalism and literature in Utah have often gone together, discussing such literary giants such as Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner. Ken reminisces about his time spent with these great writers, and describes how he came to be an early founder and activist with Earth First!. They then chat about books, including the brisk trade in first edition Book of Mormon. He also bemoans the fact that, because of Salt Lake City’s growing gentrification, his iconic store on 200 East in Salt Lake City faces eviction within a couple years. Despite that, Ken has faith in the future of the book, insisting that books have a lasting, tangible presence that electronic copies cannot hope to emulate. Lastly, Ken delights listeners with a powerful reading of “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front,” by farmer, poet and activist Wendell Berry.