Episode #77: Joan Card, Former Senior Policy Advisor, EPA Region 8

This week, Joan speaks with Matt about her time as the Senior Policy Advisor for EPA Region 8 under former President Obama from 2013-2016. Joan worked closely with Shaun McGrath, former Region 8 Administrator, who will be joining HEAL as the keynote speaker for our 2017 Spring Breakfast in May. During her tenure at the EPA, Joan was responsible for ensuring Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act were carried out in Region 8, contributed to the development of the Clean Power Plan and Obama’s Climate Action Plan, and worked closely with tribal governments on issues surrounding oil and gas development. Join us as she and Matt discuss the role of the EPA in ensuring clean air and a healthy environment along the Wasatch Front, the sea change of the current Administration and how this could affect the EPA, and the ways the EPA is looking to the future. She concludes with a taste of what Shaun will bring to the Spring Breakfast – get your tickets here! Be sure to listen!