Episode #95: Julie Stewart, Professor At Westminster College

Julie Stewart, a Westminster honors college professor, joins Matt in a conversation about research she and her students did about Utah rooftop solar owners. Julie, an award-winning scholar and teacher who happens to also be Matt’s wife, describes the 200+ online surveys and 60+ interviews her team did to learn about who owns rooftop solar in Utah and why. Julie points out that their sample of solar owners was much larger than the one Rocky Mountain Power used to justify its proposed rate hike from 2016. Her team found that Utah solar owners are more diverse than the utility would like to believe, with a significant number of middle-class families in relatively small homes. Julie and Matt also discuss the attitudes of rooftop solar owners towards Rocky Mountain Power (not good!) For more information, check out the “Executive Summary: A Study of Utah Rooftop Solar Power Owners,” which Julie and her team produced.