Episode #96: Chip Ward, Stony Mesa Sagas & HEAL’s Fall Party

Matt talks to Chip about his new novel, Stony Mesa Sagas, which will be released by Torrey House Press on November 14th. Chip describes the plot and characters for the novel, which is a mix of genres and about the West and environmentalism. Chip said his first novel, after two acclaimed non-fiction books, was a fun experience to write. Chip then talks about several issues that have been important for Torrey, where he lives, including the communities (for now) successful effort to stop a gravel mine and ongoing issues to maintain a sustainable water supply. Matt then asks Chip about a new feature film,  “the public,” directed by Emilio Estevez, which was partly based upon a Los Angeles Times article Chip, a former librarian, wrote about libraries and the homeless. Lastly, Chip briefly previews the talk he will give at HEAL Utah’s Fall Party coming up on Thursday November 9. You can buy tickets here!