Episode #132: Halloween y Dia de los Muertos

Welcome to the 2020 season of the HEAL Utah Podcast – where we did things a little bit differently. Usually, we record our podcast in a local studio, but due to COVID-19, we opted to stay out of the studio entirely.

Instead, we took advantage of the virtual world and did a LIVE season of conversations with environmental movers and shakers on our Instagram.

Tune in for our special HEAL Utah Live Halloween y Dia de los Muertos episode! Our special guest Kenna Patiño is a botanist – also known as a plant biologist. She takes us through what this actually means, the impacts that climate change has on Utah’s natural world, and how you can get involved (hint: you don’t need any special degrees to be a citizen scientists!). Tune in now 🍂🌻🍄🎃👻💀

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